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Working with the client

A lot of times, we at C137 get last minute shooting / filming requests and time management becomes of utmost importance.

We try to get the scope of the project, location, deliverables and understand if we are able to deliver based on client's expectations. Usually communication with the client begins with an email in which they outline the project detail.

Then we try to hop on a quick call b/c that usually saves a lot of time and understand if we are a fit for them and if they are a fit for us.

If it's a fit, we ask them to send us any and all paperwork and begin the shoot prep which includes checking and assembling all the necessary gear [camera, lenses, drone, grip and electric...etc] planning travel, locations, checking for weather, and anything else we might need.

During the shoot day we make sure that we have accounted for anything and everything that might happen, that we didn't miss or forget anything and generally adopt the idea of - It's better to be over-prepared than to scramble last second which causes us to lose time and doesn't make us shine in front of the client.

Client is always king and it's our job to make sure that we set expectations and deliver and if we have to go an extra mile or two or three, obviously within reason, we always do that.

We usually wrap by sending the footage over to the client via a Google Drive data transfer or by mailing the client the drive after which we collect the payment, depending on what was agreed upon in the per-production.

We do have the capability to EDIT the footage as well. We usually use Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Adobe After Effects and if we for some reason are unable to do it ourselves, well we have a lot of friends who are able and happy to help at a moment's notice.

We go in with the plan and great attitude and every day is an adventure.

[Let's do something cool together, hit us up - ]

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