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Which cameras are used for what

A common question in the industry and among the public is which camera is best.

That's like asking - Which tool should I use?

Clearly different cameras perform different functions.

Reality TV / Docu Series generally tend to be shot on Sony FS7 Mark I or Mark II and/or the Canon C300 Mark II, depending on the production and the post-production workflow. These two cameras have been industry standards for at least the last few years, however recently with the release of the Sony FX9 and Canon C300 Mark III productions have slowly started to migrate to these cameras. They offer updated sensors, better dynamic range, better picture quality, better focus and all around build upon the success of their predecessors.

Studio Feature Films tend to be utilize a dynamic range of cameras. At the forefront are Arri Alexa SXT and Alexa Mini, Panavision XL2, RED Epic-W Helium, Sony Venice...

These cameras are the top of the line in the industry, think of them as your supercars as they cost as much as your average lamborghini or ferrari. However when you build out the rigs, add lenses, and all the bells and whistles you are looking at over $250,000+ camera rigs.

DSLRs have their place in the production as we tend to shoot a range of things on them. From interviews, to behind the scenes, to sports to anything on the go.

The Top-of-the-line DSLR cameras today are SONY A1, SONY A7SIII, BlackMagic Pocket 6K, BlackMagic Pocket 4k, Panasonic GH5.

Since different clients have different needs, there is a camera out there for every type of shot.

And of course don't forget the DRONES. We're FAA Licensed Drone Pilots here at C137 Productions and fly DJI Mavic 2 Pro , DJI Mavic Air 2, with access to DJI Inspire 2.

So let us know your needs and let's tell your story next. Let us know your project details or call us at 310 620 3934.

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