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What would Space Captain DO???

People get comfortable with their jobs, their positions, however when you are filming a low budget indie film, like Space Captain and Callista, you have to be ready to wear multiple hats.

Space Captain and Callista is a feature film focusing on raising awareness about Autism and the effects it has on individuals living with it. It was a passion project and we just wanted to bring people together and make a change, or rather put our 5c into the conversation.

I , Art Freeman, personally was handling G&E, which is Grip and Electric side of things one day, that is prepping for every shot, taking care of the lighting, setting and tearing everything down, while on other days I was an animal wrangler, taking care of the desert lizard we had in a few scenes, then I was also producing the film and acting in it.

It can get very much overwhelming very quickly but you have to just stay calm, considerate and cool and really enjoy the process. We at C137 Video Productions always say that it takes a team to execute and create success. Success is very much a collaborative effort and if you look at any successful ventures, well it was a team effort.

The people you surround yourself with is what matters most. Just in Space Captain it was very much about doing the right thing so it is in anything else. The same principles apply.

When someone is down we lift them up, when someone doesn't know something we teach them.

So do the right thing ...

Have a video idea connect w/ us at or text us at 310 620 3934

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